Oliver Chinyere

Wanker | Writer | Comedian | Storyteller

Oliver Chinyere is an improviser, writer and stand up comedian based in London, previously NYC. He has a British accent and it's 100% authentic even if it sounds a little off. Like most comedians, he maintains a "web presence." 

You are currently perusing it.

Oliver graduated from Rutgers University (because state school was cheaper) before roping through the nation on a tour of hard knocks with stints in Chicago, Washington D.C. and Akron, Ohio where he earned a Master's Degree which many consider pointless.

He studied improv at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre where he also performed as a principle cast member in five different shows. He has been fortunate enough to study under the likes of Chris Gethard, Neil Casey, Will Hines, Anthony Atamanuik and Natasha Rothwell among several others.

Creating content is a thing Oliver enjoys doing because it showcases his sense of humor (dark and dirty) and gives him a chance to express himself in this big, bad world.

He writes other things too.

He'd also like you to know that he once convinced members of the press that a Beyoncé cult existed.